We welcome arrivals from 7.30am. Teaching starts at 8.00am. We will serve tea and coffee, however YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN REUSABLE MUG.

Following an initial welcome, nephrology is the first subject. All the talks use example single best answer questions to structure teaching around. The full course programme is shown in the timetable page.

On the day we provide a printed course handbook. We encourage the use of pen and paper for making notes (some research suggests people remember things better using the old fashioned methods compared to making notes on computers / tablets!).

We encourage people to bring smart phones though, as we do use interactive tools such as Sli.do / PollEverywhere for audience response (a cunning but anonymous way of checking how much our candidates already know!).

Mid morning we provide a resupply of tea and coffee.

Between sessions there are opportunities to interact with the two tutors, filling in gaps in knowledge, asking about exam technique, or finding out where the coffee comes from.

Lunch: There is a one hour break for lunch. You may bring a pack lunch with you, or there are numerous local spots to get food. Deliveroo will also bring food to the venue if you prefer. 

After lunch on Saturday, we run a team quiz. This is a chance to network, get to know who you are studying with, and usually sympathise with each other regarding a lack of knowledge around some basic science content!

After a couple more lectures and a final round of mid afternoon coffee / tea (YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN REUSABLE MUG) we finish the day with our popular haematology / oncology challenge. Another team effort, guaranteed to prevent anyone falling asleep, in which we adopt a format reminiscent of University Challenge, and help build your knowledge as much as possible before closing for the day around 6.45pm.

Sunday is a slightly easier day for most – with subjects like statistics and immunology already out of the way. We start early again, with registration from 7.45am and sessions starting at 8.15am.

The final part of the weekend is to review the mock exam answers. We finish slightly earlier on Sunday, wrapping up by around 6pm to allow people to catch their trains.

Since we started in 2006, over 1000 people have attended the Weekend MRCP Course, many of whom are now consultants. We hope you will join the team!